Thread: Question regarding addition:

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    Question regarding addition:

    Here is my current code for a calculator; I'm struggling in getting it to display the fourth category total amount which would be sale amount + tax sales amount. Any hints here would be appreciated.

    #include <stdio.h>
    #define DelMar 7.25
    #define Encinitas 7.5
    #define LaJolla 7.75
    float user_input(){
    float amount;
    printf("Please input sales amount\n");
    scanf("%f", &amount);
    return amount;
    int main(){
    float sales = 125.00;
    sales = user_input();
    if (sales < 0.00) {
    	printf("A sale cannot be negative. Please try again");
    printf("Tax Calculator for Kudler Fine Foods\n\n\n");
    printf("Store Location\tSales Amount\tTax Percentage\tTax Amount\tTax Amount\tTotal Amount\n");
    printf("Del Mar Store\t$%.2f\t\t%.2f%%\t\t%.2f%\t\n",sales, DelMar, sales*DelMar/100);
    printf("Encinitas Store\t$%.2f\t\t%.2f%%\t\t%.2f%\t\n",sales, Encinitas, sales*Encinitas/100);
    printf("La Jolla Store\t$%.2f\t\t%.2f%%\t\t%.2f%\t\n",sales, LaJolla, sales*LaJolla/100);
    printf("                        Press the enter key to exit the calculator\n");
    return 0;

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    If sale amount is "sales" and sales tax is "sales*DelMar/100", then sales + sales tax would be "sales + sales*DelMar/100".

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    Simple enough. Don't know why but I was trying to get it done in a more complicated way. Thanks!

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