Thread: (array+ 1 ) and (&array+1) diff ?

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    (array+ 1 ) and (&array+1) diff ?


    name of array gives us the base address always.
    so, in the code below:

    int arr[]={1,2,3};
    printf("%p:%p", arr+1,&arr+1);
    we should get out put as

    22220104: 22220104 (if the base address is 22220100).
    But why it is 22220104:22220112.

    Thanks and regards,
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    Adding one to a pointer advances that pointer by the size of the thing pointed to.

    arr points to an int, so it advances 4 (sizeof int on your system).

    &arr points, not to an int, but to an int[3]. The size of an int[3] is 12, so twelve bytes are added.

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