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    Question Arrays in functions

    How would i use an array ( that is defined in the main() ) in a function? how would i define it?
    for example:
    void Function( int grid[4][4] );
    int main()
         int array[4][4];
         return 0;
    void Function( int grid[4][4] )
         printf("  %d  %d  %d  %d\n  %d  %d  %d  %d\n  %d  %d  %d  %d\n  %d  %d  %d  %d\n",  grid[0][0], grid[0][1], grid[0][2], grid[0][3], ... , grid[3][3]);
    this is a watered down version of what im working on, but i need array[4][4] to equal grid[4][4], and all the numbers in the arrays to match up. is this even possible? or will i have to copy and paste the printf line throughout my code whenever it is needed?

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    You have it almost nailed down . . . you just need to call the function like this:
    You see, Function takes a variable of type int [4][4]. "array" matches that type. But "array[4]" is of type int[4], and "array[4][4]" is of type int, never mind that both of those indices are out of bounds.

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    Thanks alot for the quick reply

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