Thread: Need Help with Bitwise actions!

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    Angry Need Help with Bitwise actions!


    I have an exam in C tomorrow, and Im completley lost when it comes to bitwise manipulation. Yes, I am a begginer.

    The question goes like this:
    I need to write a program that will recevie an order of Pizza. The order includes up to 8 extras,
    I need to save the order in one character and then print it for confirmation.

    I understand that I need to "Or it with 1" whenever an extra is chosen, but I do not know how to retreive the extra combination chosen.

    Please help!


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    That doesn't look that hard. You can also use a mask of
    1000000 00000000 00000000 00000000

    and just store it either as one or zero as you move along the bits by shifting...

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    >>> I have an exam in C tomorrow


    >>> I am a begginer

    Surely, to do an exam in something pre requires that you have completed a course... and done your coursework... doesn't it?
    Wave upon wave of demented avengers march cheerfully out of obscurity unto the dream.

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    There was a fairly detailed thread about bitwise operators just last month. Do a forum seach and you might just pass your exam ;)
    Jason Deckard

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    Thank you all

    I had a weak moment. I finally figured it out.

    see ya

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