Thread: How to use -- scanf to accept space?

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    Unhappy How to use -- scanf to accept space?

    hello everyone, i'm having some problem here.
    i'm using scanf to accept input from user, but it does not accept empty space, for example :

    First Name:
    Last Name:
    Postal Code:
    Phone no.:
    Fax No.:

    and if i key in:

    First Name: janet
    Last Name: jackson
    Address: 123, south 8th st.
    Street: State: --->this 2 thing will print out before i get a chance to input Street: .

    any help would be appreaciated, thank you so much.

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    If you use scanf for reading input then the default delimiter is space. So if you want give a string which includes space then it is better to use the function char *gets(char *s)

    This will read the input from standard input upto next line or end of file is reached.


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    Your probably better off using fgets.. gets is susceptable to buffer overflows..

    char *fgets( char *string, int n, FILE *stream );

    string - Storage location for data

    n - Maximum number of characters to read

    stream - Pointer to FILE structure (or stdin for interactive user input)..
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    scanf() can accept lines as input but it's a bit hackish and fgets is safer.
    ( void )scanf( "%[^\n]", message );

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    And if you insists on using scanf- which seem s a bit cumbersome in this case, use scanf(%s %s %s and so on, until covering all white spaces, &string)

    Then you will also get the title of least efficient code of the year.

    BTW- You should also remeber to use fflush after each use of any of the above function, when intending to continue reading from the buffer.
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