Thread: Problem referencing structure elements by pointer

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    If the typedef is visible, that's fine -- you just need to call it "configurationOptions" (since that's the name you gave it in the typedef) instead of "struct configurationsOptions".

    Edit to add: At this point, I would say, if you have most of your code referring to "struct configurationOptions" to not typedef it but make it a named struct; if it's just a few mentions, go ahead and change those mentions. There's no advantage either way (typedef vs. named struct), so do whatever causes the least amount of typing at this point.

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    Anonymous means it simply doesn't have a name - nothing more.
    Again, remove the "struct" keyword because there is no struct named configurationsOptions. There is only something named configurationsOptions.
    As long as you have a full declaration of the struct, you can do a sizeof on it.
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    Many thanks - all clear now and code working

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    I wouldn't recommend typedef'ing it the same as the struct name,

    I tend to do, along with a lot of other people
    typedef struct name_s
    } name_t;
    That way you know, name_t is a type, and name_s is a struct.
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    Note that there's nothing actually wrong with using the same name for the structure as you do for the typedef, it's just rather confusing.

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