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    any ideas on what's wrong with this segment? (it compiles in a program, but it doesn't work like it should)

    #define isalpha_alternate(x) (((x>='a' && x<='z')||(x>='A' && x<='Z')?1:0))

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    Is it the braces?
    #define isalpha_alternate(x) (((x>='a' && x<='z')||(x>='A' && x<='Z'))?1:0)
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    what are you aiming to acheive?
    isalpha() already determine wether the data is a char,
    if your aim is to print uppercase the char or print to lower case char's

    first test for a char

    char ch;

    printf("Enter a letter >");
    scanf("%c", &ch);

    if( ch == isalpha(ch))
    //other test
    printf("\nthe letter is not a character");

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    This works fine for me, be careful what kind of input you pass to the macro and put parens around the variables to ensure it works correctly with strange input.
    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    #define isalpha_alternate(x) ((x) >= 'a' && (x) <= 'z'||(x) >= 'A' && (x) <= 'Z') ? 1 : 0
    int main(void)
      char ch = 'M';
      printf( "%d\n", isalpha_alternate( 'g' ) );
      printf( "%d\n", isalpha_alternate( ch ) );
      printf( "%d\n", isalpha_alternate( '7' ) );
      return EXIT_SUCCESS;
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