Thread: Problem with pointers

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    Problem with pointers

    I'm having some problems doing the insert function for a linked list.

    I have the basic struct
    typedef struct Node
    	Data* data;
    	struct Node* next;
    } No;
    And the method to insert:
    void insert (Node* node)
    	Node* tmp, tmpProx;
    	if (head == NULL)
    		head = node;
    		for(tmp = head; tmp->next != NULL  ||  calcDist(tmp->next->restaurante) > calcDist(no->restaurante)  ; tmp = tmp->next );
                    // Problem Here!
    		tmpProx = tmp->next;
    		tmp->next = node;
    		node->next = tmpProx;
                    // End of Problem
    I'm having the error
    error: incompatible types in assignment
    Can someone explain me what the problem is please? I'm totally lost

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    Node* tmp, tmpProx;
    An evil pitfall in the language.
    tmp is of type Node*, but tmpProx is of type Node.

    To solve it, do either:
    Node *tmp, *tmpProx;
    ...or my preferred way...
    Node* tmp;
    Node* tmpProx;
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    That's because you've committed one of the cardinal sins of declaring pointers!
    When you write:
    int * a, b;
    You're declaring a to be a pointer to an int, and b to be an int! It is equivalent to:
    int * a;
    int b;
    You end up trying to assign tmp->next, which is a Node* to tmpProx, which is just a Node.
    My recommendation is always to declare and initialise variables on their own line, i.e.
    Node * tmp = NULL;
    Node * tmpProx = NULL;
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    Thank YOU!

    Oh my God!

    I would never remember to check that in a million years!

    Thank you so much!

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