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    Can't get this to compile

    I'm new at this and i'm try to write a code which is a salary program. It has to show hours worked which cant execees 40 and overtime which can't exceed 72

    Another problem is that, if the hours are less than 40 and over time is indicated overtime hours have to be transfered to reg hours and the remaining is the overtime hours

    This is my code please help

    int main()
    float salary, rate;
    int hours, overtime, tryagain;

    printf("Enter number of hours worked:\n " );
    scanf( "%d", &hours );

    printf("Enter number of overtime hours worked:\n");
    scanf( "%d", &overtime);

    if ( hours < 0 || hours >40)
    printf("The number of hours should not exceed 40, please try again\n");

    if (overtime <0 || overtime>72)
    printf("The number of hours should not exceed 72, please try again\n");

    printf( "Enter hourly rate of the worker ($00.00): " );
    scanf( "%d", &rate );

    salary = (overtime) * (1.5 * rate) + (hours * rate);

    printf( "Salary is %f\n", salary );

    return 0;

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    Hmm... I suggest changing your program to just ask the user for how many hours, total, the employee worked.

    But, if you really want to turn overtime hours into normal hours, here's some pseudocode...
    // Z = the number of hours we should add.
    Z = 40 - hours;
    // This prevents adding more hours
    // Than there are available
    if (Z < overtime)
     Z = Overtime;
    Add Z to hours
    Subtract Z from overtime
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    77 is a short 25 liner which will do the job neatly......

    #include <stdio.h>
    int main() 
    	float salary, rate; 
    	int hours, overtime,leftover;
    	printf("\n\tHours Worked: " ); 
    	scanf( "%d", &hours ); 
    	if (hours>40){
    		hours=40;		}
    	if (hours>72) { 
    	   	   printf("\t72 Hours is Max Limit per Week!\n\t");    
    		   return 0;
    	printf( "\tHourly Rate of the Worker ($0.00): $" ); 
    	printf("\tSalary is $%f\n\n\t",salary);
    return 0; 
    work? enjoy if it does.

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    >>if (hours>40)
    if (hours>72) {

    Should this be
    as previous if() has set hours == 40 if it was greater than 40. (so will never be greater than 72)

    Remember to init leftover=0 or final calc will be out.
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