Thread: Updating display on screen?

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    Updating display on screen?

    I wrote a simple program to print a grid of 0s on the screen, and move a 1 around with user input from the keyboard (eventually, the goal is a "snake" game).

    It works fine. I hit W, it moves the 1 up one space. I hit A, it moves it to the left, etc.

    The problem I'm having is that each time it prints a whole new box. I would much rather have it update the same box each time I hit a key, and I have no idea how to do that.

    I'm currently using this to print my box each time I update the location of my 1:

    How would I make it draw the box only once, and simply update "pixels" in the array as I enter input?

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    Use printf("%d\r", ...) to print on the same line. Note that you may have to use fflush(stdout) to make sure the data is ACTUALLY printed.

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    Curses. PDCurses for windows.

    Okay, a little more robust of an answer is "cursor control (pixels as you erroniously call them) is not a part of the standard C library and requires external library support." Curses is a standardized library that you can use to acomplish what you're looking for.

    And it just so happens that I've written a little tutorial for setting up PDCurses if you have Code::Blocks.
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