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    hton long long

    I need some suggestions. What would be the best way to make an hton for data stored as a long long? Should I make a brand new function or use a type of manipulation of the already made hton's? I have been attempting to write my own function but I am having a tough time.

    Your thoughts?

    Well, I finally found something to do it? Is this some decent code?
    unsigned long long htonll (unsigned long long hostlonglong)
    	unsigned long long retval;
    	retval = hostlonglong;
    	retval = ((unsigned long long) htonl(hostlonglong & 0xFFFFFFFF)) << 32;
    	retval |= htonl((hostlonglong & 0xFFFFFFFF00000000) >> 32);
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    Looks good.

    I use one almost exactly like your code. Haven't encountered problems so far.

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