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    [help] writing function

    I want to write a function that get password and save it in a variable in main function. I dont know what should I do!

    I know maybe a function like this exist in standard library, but I should do it by myself. couse it's a part of my first university project

    I just don't know what should be function Input and output?

    please forgive me. I know my English is bad

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    If you just want to get a string from the user, that's pretty easy -- just use fgets() or scanf() or something.

    However, I'm guessing that you want a password with asterisks ('*'s) in place of characters. In that case, there's no standard way to do this. However, you can achieve it with Dev-C++'s getche().
    (You'll have to modify that code slightly to use getche() instead of getch(). The only difference between the functions is that getch() does not echo the characters that were typed, while getche() does. I'm pretty sure that Dev-C++ doesn't have getch().)

    Again, however, that is non-standard, and you should consider carefully whether you really need starred-out passwords.

    [edit] I suppose I shouldn't have gone and posted a link to an existing solution.

    Once you read tabstop's post below, here is an algorithm you might use to read a password from the user. Read a single character from the user. (This has to be using a non-standard function like getche() that doesn't wait for enter to be pressed before registering a keypress, but rather returns it instantly.) If the character is enter, return from the function with the saved password. If it's backspace, print "\b \b" -- going back one character, printing a space to erase the character that was printed, and then going back again. If it's anything else, store the character and print a '*'.
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    Quote Originally Posted by behzad_shabani View Post

    I just don't know what should be function Input and output?
    Do you mean that you were instructed/advised to write two functions, input and output? For your description of the problem involves no output.

    But: you need to write a function that gets a password and puts it in a variable. So you need to know things:
    (1) How to write a function in general
    (2) Where the password is (in a file, typed from the keyboard, other)
    (3) How to get the password from your answer in (2)
    (4) What kind of variable you want to put it in
    (5) How you're going to communicate back to the main program (pass-by-reference, return value, other)

    That should be a start.

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    I know maybe a function like this exist in standard library
    There are functions to read input but not specifically to read a 'password'. What does it mean exactly? you want to display '*' instead of the actual characters entered by the user?

    I just don't know what should be function Input and output
    Your specifications are not really precise, so I would say you gives a pointer to an allocated string plus the size of the allocated string (which should correspond to the variable in main you're speaking of) as inputs and the function could return an int indicating how many characters it has read for instance.

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