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    I wrote a primitive shell program that reads in commands from standard input. What's the best way to handle "globbing", i.e. "ls *.c" (list all files with ".c" extension). I'm sure I don't have to do it all myself, can I get the system to do it? Isn't there already a function designed to do that for me? If anyone can let me know what my options are that would be great. Cause without it, it tries to associate *.c to a file name which obviously doesn't exist. Thanks

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    Why not just write a simple routine to handle it? You could, for example, have the only supported wild card be the * symbol (then add more as you need them). If time is money though, there is always the glob library.

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    I've been trolling the net for something like the glob library. Haven't come across anything though. Any links to it? No idea how to implement any of the functions otherwise.

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    All I could really dig up was the following. For handling let's say the command "ls -l *.c". But I have no idea what "globbuf" is. Any of you guys ever tried doing something like this before. I got all my shell code written out, i'm just trying to figure out how to incorporate something like the above command I gave into the shell.
    	  globbuf.gl_offs = count; (count = # of args after command)
              glob( expr, GLOB_DOOFFS, NULL, &globbuf );
              for( i=0; i < count; i++ ) //copy array of parsed arguments after command to this array
                  globbuf.gl_pathv[i] = args_in[i];
    	   execvp( cmd, &globbuf.gl_pathv[0] ); //execute

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