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    Question Printing pointers with printf()

    Hi there,

    I have done a program that at a certain point prints a pointer (char*), and it is compiling but it outputs this warning:
    vectorCaracteres.c:42: warning: format ‘%d’ expects type ‘int’, but argument 2 has type ‘char *’
    Here is line 42:
    printf("PONTEIRO -> %d CARÁCTER -> %c\n", vector2[i], *vector2[i]);
    vector2 is declared as an char* vector:
    #define TAMANHO 7
    char* vector2 [TAMANHO];
    I changed line 42 to the following:
    printf("PONTEIRO -> %d CARÁCTER -> %c\n", (int)vector2[i], *vector2[i]);
    and in fact it is working (does not display the warning anymore). Since I don't know if the pointer values displayed are ok, could someone please tell me if I did the right choice or am I going the wrong way?

    If someone could answer me I would be very appreciated :]

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    To print a pointer, use
    printf("PONTEIRO -> %p CARÁCTER -> %c\n", (void*)vector2[i], *vector2[i]);
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    ok, many arigatos!

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