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    I couldn't use "clrscr()" in Microsoft Visual c++ 6.0 why?? I use it successfully in Borland C++ .....

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    Because a bunch of pin heads decided that conio.h was not device independent enough, so that file has been deprecated, and isn't part of MS Visual 6.

    You can use the Windows API to do the same job, however. They capitalize the first letter and oh, what's the name? Clrscr() I believe.

    If you can't find it in your help section, post back and I'll look it up.

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    There is a one word API command in Windows that does this, as well. It's like the old conio.h goto(x, y). You can't use that any more, (BAD function, BAD), but they have Goto(x, y), in the API, instead.

    That's *so* much better!!

    Oh good grief!

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