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    Question subsitution for rcmd

    hi everyone,

    I m looking for a subsitution for rcmd(). i want make a client server application run on a standalone machine.
    currently i am going with unix file sockets.

    my doubts are:
    1. is there only one stdin, stdout and strerr sockets for a linux machine or if we open different termnals then will those terminals have their own stdin, stdout, stderr soket descriptors

    2. Is it possible for a program running in one terminal to copy the standard io descriptors of other terminal.

    3.can a program runnin in one terminal send data to the stdin descriptor of other terminal

    i tried doing it but the parent prints the data in its own terminal not in client terminal.

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    Don't double post. Posting in multiple threads leads to people answering threads that have already been answered.

    Other thread has an answer:

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