Thread: Sending a byte down serial pipe

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    Sending a byte down serial pipe

    I have been trying to piece together some code to send one byte down a serial port. I am very new to C and have looked around with no luck on a function to do this. I found some stuff that might have done it but wasn't sure. Can anybody provide a definite answer and/or some tutorial resources?

    Thanks in advance.

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    this is pretty broad in my opinion. a simple search yields this, have you gone through it? is this not what your looking for? if not then be more specific.

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    I think this is might do it. I tried to search on output functions instead of c serial programming if you think that I am the lazy type. I actually spent upwards of 4 hours searching through linux man and other sources. Thanks again .|..

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    In linux, the serial port (on a PC at least) is called "/dev/ttyS<n>", where n is the number of the port, e.g. /dev/ttyS0 is the first port on a PC.

    To send data to the serial port, you need to (at least) open the port and write to it. If you want to also receive data, you will need to read from the same file-handle.

    For more advice, it would be necessary to know more about what you actually want to achieve and what sort of communication needs you have in mind.

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