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    Question deleting node in linked list

    hi i have the following code to delete a node from my linked list but it seems that theres something wrong with it. can anyone assist me with this?

    /* function to delete a node on list */
    void free_used_node(int id) {
        struct List *list, *temp;
        list =ListHead;  /* points to the 1st node of the list */
        /* handles situation if header node id is what we want to delete. */
        if(list->id == id) {
            ListHead = list->next;
        /* if not, loop thru list and find out target */
        while(list != NULL) {
            if(list->next) {
                if(list->next->id == id) {
                    temp = list->next;
                    list->next = temp->next;
            list = list->next;

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    It would help if you described the "doesn't seem to work" in a bit more detail: What is not working.

    Here's my thoughts:
    Well, once you have deleted something out of the list, I guess you shouldn't need to search any further (or is the ID not unique?)

    As a consequence of the above, you are also potentially accessing a "dead" node, because list is still pointing to the deleted item when you have deleted the first node.

    I also suspect you can't delete the final node of the list - but without knowing exactly what your list looks like.

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