Thread: Problem with Header files.

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    Problem with Header files.

    I have a bit of problem in compiling my c program. When I compile my program i get the following error.

    ldirfunc.c:13: error: conflicting types for opendir
    /usr/include/dirent.h:135: error: previous declaration of opendir was here
    Program snippet:

    #include "Dirent.h"
    #include "syscall.h"
    Dir *opendir(char *dirname){
      int fd;
      struct stat stbuf;
      Dir *dp;
      if((fd=open(dirname,O_RDONLY,0)) == -1 || fstat(fd,&stbuf) == -1 ||
          ((stbuf.st_mode * S_IFMT) != S_IFDIR) ||
          (dp = (Dir *) malloc (sizeof(Dir))) != NULL)
        return NULL;
      return dp;
    What I understand from the error, that my opendir function is already declared in the dirent.h(not the one i use, Dirent.h). dirent.h must have been included somewhere, may in some of the header files that i use.
    Do we have any option while compiling to neglect these redefinition errors? I want to use my opendir function and not the predefined one.
    I am a beginner in c programming, so please excuse me for my mistakes.

    thanks to all!

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    I think the simplest solution is to rename your function, e.g., use a chakra prefix and name it chakra_opendir().
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    > #include "Dirent.h"
    Is this your dirent.h file, or the one belonging to the system?
    If it's yours, give it a different name, because relying solely on a case-sensitive filename won't work on say a windows box come porting time.

    > #include "syscall.h"
    I thought you only needed this if you were talking directly to the OS.

    > #include<malloc.h>
    malloc is prototyped in stdlib.h

    > dp = (Dir *) malloc (sizeof(Dir))
    There's no need to cast malloc in a correct C program.
    See the FAQ for other reasons why it really is not helpful to cast malloc.
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    the mastring in c.(lawkumar)

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    Thanks to all.
    I will try the suggestions provided and see if i can succeed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lawkumar3289 View Post
    the mastring in c.(lawkumar)
    Huh? What's a 'mastring'?

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