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    Smile Fortran 90 to C Conversion

    I am new to C Language and need to convert the following line of code from fortran90 to C. Any help will be highly appreciated.

    INQUIRE(File=filename, OPENED = op,EXIST = ex, ACCESS=ac, NUMBER= unit_no)

    EXIST=lex ! true or false
    OPENED=lod ! true or false
    NAME=fnm ! filename
    NUMBER=unum ! unit number

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    First, you'll need to read up on FILE handling in C. I don't think there are any applicable C library routines that do anyhting like an "INQUIRE". The closest might be "ftell" or "fseek", which are functions to use for finding and setting file position markers. It depends on what your Fortran function "INQUIRE" is really performing. In any event, you need to read all about C input/output if you are going to work with file open/close/read/write type operations. Google and you should be able to find what you need.

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