Thread: problem printing string

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    problem printing string

    hello to all,

    I am having problems printing a string in reverse using the reverse function.

    here is my code:

    char topSequence[] = reverse(rowAlign) ;
    char bottomSequence[] = reverse(colAlign) ;
    I am receiving the following error:

    error: invalid initializer

    I do not believe the problem is with the rowAlign and colAlign variables. Everything is compiling fine until this point.

    Any suggestions on how to fix?

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    Carnac the Magnificent could not figure this out with what little code you have posted.
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    These are the lines of code that are being singled out by the compiler. There are no other errors being reported by the compiler.

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    I don't think you can initialize an array like that.

    Try using char *s

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    array initializers should be constant strings as far as I remember...
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