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    Quick Warning Question

    My program works perfectly (WOOHOO!!!!)

    Just one little warning I'm getting:

    countWords.c:57: warning: passing argument 4 of qsort from incompatible pointer type
    Line 57:
    qsort( hte_array, HT_getNrOfElements(), sizeof(HT_Element), compar_HTelements);
    And my function:
    int compar_HTelements(HT_Element *pa, HT_Element *pb)
      if ( (*pb).count != (*pa).count )
        return (*pb).count - (*pa).count;
        return strcmp( (*pa).word, (*pb).word );
    Why is the compiler giving a warning here? Why is it not valid?



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    The fourth argument of qsort must be of the type int(void *, void *); and compar_HTelements is not of that type.

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