Thread: A bunch of REALLY uber noob questions

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    A bunch of REALLY uber noob questions

    Okay I'm brand new to C Programming but I do have about 3 months of C Sharp Programming experience on the program "Microsoft Visual C Sharp 2005 Express Edition," so I'm not that foreign to the language. Now I'm confused on the whole compiler thing, I downloaded the program Pelles C for Windows. Now the part I'm confused upon is where do you write the code in a textfile or in the Command Prompt Window that pops up? I'm thinking its in the textfile but I tried to write a simple program and it didn't work when I tried to locate it in the Command Prompt Window.

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    If you familiar with VC# 2005 - You can download
    VC++ 2008 Express and get the very same IDE ready to build C/C++ programs

    You will write the program very same way you did with C#
    To be or not to be == true

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