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    Help with formatting

    I'm doing a basic program where you look a players number and thier stats appear. now i could just try and format the thing by hand but i was wondering if thier was a way i could format something to look like this auto.
    year team g gp a fourth. im not looking for a code(but will accept one happily) but rather a pointer on what i should focus on?

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    Hint: \t.

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    Maybe you could look at the length of each field (i.e. the information you get from the file) and then add a number of spaces based on wanting a total length for the field, i.e. something like:
    int inpLength=stringSize(input);
    int spaces=totalFieldSize-inpLength;

    The functions are ficticious, but..

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    alright, i mean i got alot a time to try and figure out something simpler if there is anything. thank you

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    Or get printf() to do it for you.

    printf("%20s", input);

    Ensures input is atleast 20 characters long, padding with spaces. See

    I'd rather use tabs in this case

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