Thread: help me to understand this method

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    help me to understand this method

    Here's the description in the .h file

    /* Construct a dictionary of words.  When you create it, you may request
    ** the dictionary keep the dictionary in sorted order (or not) for
    ** iteration **/
    typedef enum { UNSORTED_ORDER, SORTED_ORDER } sorted_e;
    Words* DictionaryConstruct (sorted_e sorted);
    and more info in the .c file

    Words* DictionaryConstruct (sorted_e sorted)
      /* TODO:  Don't use the the sorted_e ... should we ?  Right now
      ** we always keep everything sorted, but we can make things
      ** faster if we don't have to keep them sorted... */
      if (sorted==UNSORTED_ORDER) {
        /* ?? */
      Words* dummy = (Words*) malloc(sizeof(Words));
      dummy->next = 0;
      dummy->word = 0;
      dummy->count = -1;  /* Value to show we are at dummy node */
      return dummy;
    I don't quite understand what does the UNSORTED_ORDER and SORTED does here?? Say I have a file that is sorted and I call the function createDictionary on it then what does it do?

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    sorted order supposes that adding new word should be accomplished using search of the appropriate location where to put it to maintain dictionary sorted

    sorted dictionary gives a possibility of the binary search (long insert, quick access)
    unsorted dictionary adds words at the begining or at the end (what is more suitable) - so insert operation is quick, search could take longer
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    so the first dictionary I should have it is unsorted... and then the second dictionary to be checked if the data exists in the same dictionary or not should be a sorted list..

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