Thread: int to char help

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    int to char help

    if have use the following code

    [\code]int i = 81;
    char str[10];
    sprintf(str, "%s", i);[code]

    when i run the program nothing happens. It compiles fine but there is no output

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    And what, exactly, do you expect to be output? There is nothing in your code to perform such output - and you got the code-tags the wrong way around the one with the slash should be at the end.

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    Where do you actually populate str?

    And I don't think that's the correct call of sprintf(), but I'm unsure from memory.

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    My bad guys. I found the problem. Wasnt supposed to be a string, jus a char. I have it now.

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    It's not supposed to be a char.
    A string is an array of chars. You've got a buffer overrun if you've defined str as merely a char.
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    Maybe "%d" instead of "%s" would help?

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