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    hello, i am trying to emulate execution of multiple commands like what the shell does. i have some concepts in mind and i hope u guys can correct me if im wrong.

    example command: ls -a | sort

    Find out if any piping is needed by looping the string to find "|"
    Set pipeFlag as 1
    Create Pipe // pipe(p)
    If Under Parent
    If pipeFlag then
    Close Downstream
    Connect Upstream to pipe (dup2(p[0])
    Close Upstream
    Execute command ls -a
    Wait for child to finish....
    end if
    Else Underchild
    If Pipeflag then
    Close Upstream
    Connect downstream to pipe(dup2(p[1])
    Close downstream
    execute sort
    end if
    execute other commands normally
    i would like some advice on how i could split up the string for the commands. appreciate any help. thanks.

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    strtok, strchr are both useful to split strings.

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