Thread: Know a good C Compiler?

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    Question Know a good C Compiler?

    Good day to you

    I am just starting out and need a good C Compiler. I don't even know where to begin. Please give suggestions of a decent compiler for me to download/purchase if you have them.


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    GCC is one of the best C-compilers around. Take a look at:

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    Mingw is good:

    Dev-C++ i very easy to use: (is that right?)

    DJGPP is only DOS, but it is still cool.

    lcc-win32 is good, but i dont really like how projects work, but the resource editor is cool:
    you also get a great help file that is a complete with every function that the compiler has. the manual is also 250 pages

    note: these are all free

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    Turbo C++
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    miracle c pretty looking but falls down if you need any fuction from the conio.h

    dev.c looks very cool but you can't trace through your program to see where the errors occur exactly

    so my pref has to be with Turbo c++, i have v2.01 & 1.01 the latter i use it regulary, it's DOS format but a graet tool if like me you are just a newbie.

    And it's free from in their museum.
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