Thread: Function Parameter causing syntax error

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    Function Parameter causing syntax error

    When I try to compile my program, the compiler generates the following error:

    "In file included from avl_tree.h:6, from avl_tree.c:1: callbacks.h:13: error: syntax error before "Application"

    I have included all of the necessary files to compile, and I cannot figure out what the problem is. Any suggestions? Thanks.

    This is the line the compiler says is the problem:
    void draw_node( struct AvlNode* node , Application app)

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    The most likely reason is that the declaration of AvlNode is not available at this line of code. Despite thinking that you're including everything, perhaps you are not. Slightly less likely is that Application is not available (but the fact that the error is occurring at the comma strongly suggests that it is the former, not the latter).

    To prove it one way or the other, try to define an AvlNode and an Application, right before this line of code:

    AvlNode test1;
    Application test2;
    And see which line causes an error.

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    struct AvlNode not just AvlNode
    They are 2 different things in C
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