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    Just use graphics from the public domain.
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    "do graphics" is like "does anyone know how to do cars" - it ranges from "how to drive a normal car on normal roads" to "how to drive a racing car fast around a racing track", as well as "how do I change spark plugs and oil" to "how do I build a competetive Formula 1 racing car".

    Some of car things would be fairly easy for anyone to do, others will require quite a lot of effort, training and perhaps also talent to achieve. [I know people say anyone can do anything with enough will, but I doubt I'd ever get to Valentino Rossi's motorcycle riding skills, no matter how much practice I put in].

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    Quote Originally Posted by zacs7 View Post
    Just use graphics from the public domain.
    or if it's just for personal use, you could just steal it from other programs. If you decide you ever want to sell it, you can hire a graphics person to redo your graphics.

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