Thread: LINK LIST program ....Pls HELP....??

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    Post LINK LIST program ....Pls HELP....??

    hey someone pls tell what is the error ( any type) in this program of link list which i have made ,, actually i am a student and when i showed this program to my teacher he told that there are errors in this and told me to find them out but i am not able to do soo ,, pls someone help ,, i have attached my program

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    Why don't you try compiling it with all of your compiler's warnings enabled?
    For my compiler (gcc) I tell it to give me more warnings and to nitpick by using
    switch to nitpick and the
    to give me all the warnings it can/will.
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    main MUST return int, not void.
    Don't cast the return result of malloc. The fact that you purposefully mis-spelt 'delete' shows that you are incorrectly using a C++ compiler for C code.
    Using 'goto' was an awful decision, use a 'break' instead.
    Your indentation is horrible. Also don't mix tabs and spaces.

    Most of your problems are mentioned in the FAQ, so read it now.

    Your teacher will not appreciate txt spk, and neither do I.
    "ur" is not how to spell "your"...
    "b" is not how to spell "be"...
    "b4", well words don't contain digits...
    "please" is not spelt "pls"...
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    One of the most glaring problems is that you only define a local node structure in all your functions which goes out of scope when you exit the function. I would suggest that you only define one node pointer structure in main and pass this node structure to your functions. The create, insert1 and insert2 functions would probably need a double pointer parameter and you would pass the address of the node pointer in main to these functions.

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    I have compiled your program it runs fine.But you should not declare main() as void.Some compiler does not take main as void rather declare main() as int and return 0(return 0 in main.

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