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    C challenge

    So i have this exercise that has me stumped . I was hoping someone here can try to do it so i can learn from it

    Basiclly the program takes in a character and uses nested loops to display it like the following.

    So if you entered and 'E' it would display it like this.
    The program should be made :

    outer loop controls the rows

    3 inner loops:

    first does the spacing
    second does the ascending order
    third does the descending order

    thanks in advance

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    the outcome should be in a pyramid shape. doesnt want to display it that way.

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    I would use an outer loop that counts the rows, and inside that big loop I'd have three smaller loops: one that just printed spaces (I need two less spaces each row), one that printed letters in order starting with 'A', and one that printed letters starting where the last one left off (this loop would be the one that printed the center letter) and went back down to 'A'.

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    for each row from 0 to 'E' - 'A'
      let spaces = 'E'-'A'-row
      while spaces > 0
        print space
      for each letter from 'A' to 'A'+row (inclusive)
        print letter
      for each letter from 'A'+row-1 to 'A' (inclusive)
        print letter
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