Thread: Start program when USB-memory is inserted?

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    Start program when USB-memory is inserted?

    I am writing a program that is supposed to be stored on a USB-memory.
    When the USB-memory is inserted into the computer I want the program to start by it self.
    Is this possible?
    How can I solve it, how do I get that event?

    Please point me in the right direction.

    Many thanks in advance!


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    That would be an OS dependant issue. Windows for example can be set to read the Autorun.ini on a CD when you insert it, and the Autorun will identify which program to automatically execute on the CD.

    I don't know if Windows will do the same for a USB device, and I have no idea about Linux/MacOS. Try Google'ing for more info on Autorun.
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    Yeah it will. In windows make an autorun.inf file in notepad and write the correct line. I'm too lazy right now to look up what line you need to type, but a google search should do the trick.
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    This is not a C issue; it's a windows OS issue (I assume). I'm not sure offhand if the autorun technique works for USB sticks (never had to try) but it does work for CDs and DVDs.

    The basic format of the autorun.inf file is a straight text file something like;

    PHP Code:
    There are a few more advanced options as well, but that's the basics.

    Keep in mind, however, that windows can be configured by the user so it does not attempt to autorun a new volume, so it pays to provide alternatives (eg obviously named installation program that the user can run). Personally, I always disable autorun.

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