Thread: Need help with an array assignment

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    Need help with an array assignment

    Hey guys im having problems with this assignment. Thanks to all of you that helped with the sort. Now I have to put in a search function. The function I used works and the whole program works, the only problem I have is when you enter a two digit number into the array (I used 10) the search function will not return the right value. I have included my source code along with a couple of screen shots form the out put windows. In the first screen shot you can see that the search function works in the second screen shot I substitute 10 for 0 and the search function does not work. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    // arr.cpp : Defines the entry point for the console application.
    #define n 10
    #define NOT_FOUND -1 
    void sort_arr(int arr[]);
    int search(const int arr[]);
    int main()
           int  arr[n];
    	   printf("Enter the numbers in the array:\n ");
           for(int k=0; k<n; k++)
                   scanf("%d", &arr[k]);
           for(int t=0; t<n; t++)
    				   printf("%d", arr[t]);
           for(int t=0; t<n; t++)
    				   printf("%d", arr[t]);
    	printf("Please enter the target value:\n");
           return (0);
    void sort_arr(int arr[])
    int a, b, low;
    for(a=0; a<n; a++)
                   for(b; b<n; b++)
    int search(const int arr[])     
          int i, found = 0, target, where; 
    		  scanf("%d", &target);
          i = 0;
          while (!found && i < n) {
              if (arr[i] == target)
                    found = 1;
          /* Returns index of element matching target or NOT_FOUND	*/
          if (found)
                where = i;
                where = NOT_FOUND;
    	printf("%d", where);
    	return (where);

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    i do not see a problem, in the first sample 5 is 6th number so its index is 5
    in the second sample 7 is the 7th number and its index is 6

    that's exsactly the output of the program.
    Where is the problem?
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