Thread: Help using Cursor to move an array into a new table

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    Help using Cursor to move an array into a new table

    Hi. Can anyone tell me how they would move an array into a empty properly formatted table using the CURSOR? For simplicity say the array is created with structure below:

    #define SIZE 100
     struct     myarray{
        char    firstname[20];
        char    middlename[20];
        char    lastname[40];
                  } myarray;
    and in program created an array called myarray2[SIZE]

    in the program the array was filled from array[0]...array[99]
    and the next step was to place the contents of the array into a new table that was already created with proper formatting for firstname,middlename,lastname how would it be accomplished using a CURSOR?

    Thanks for any advice.


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    If by "table", you are referring to a DB2 table, I suspect you would simply iterate through your array in a FOR loop, using an index, issuing an INSERT each time.
    for (i = 0; i < SIZE ; i++) { 
    EXEC SQL INSERT INTO table VALUES( :myarray[i].firstname, :myarray[i].lastname, etc..... // check your syntax
    if success....
    else .... ;  
    But, perhaps you might have a block insert available on your platform??
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    Thats the approach I took - Thanks but...

    The reords are not showing up in the table for some reason. I used the approach you listed and there are no compile errors but when I select * from the table there are 0 rows. I am looking into that now. Thanks.

     EXEC SQL INSERT INTO CDJ_COST2 (cc, cc_sn, cc_desc, cc_grp)
        VALUES (:cc_lkup2[y].cc, :cc_lkup2[y].cc_sn, :cc_lkup2[y].cc_desc, :cc_lkup2[y].cc_grp);
    I am using a while (1) loop until all rows are reached.

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    Sql Commit Would Help!

    Forgot To Commit After Code. Sorry About That.

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