Thread: help me with this strtok

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    help me with this strtok

    I have the following code:

     char* pch = strtok(line, " ");
          	 int h;
             for (h = 0; pch != NULL; h++){
    	    if (h == 0){
    	     target = StringConstruct(pch);
                pch = strtok(NULL, " ");
                printf("Target %s\n", target); 
    	    else if (strlen(pch) > 1){
    	      strcpy(dep[depIndex], pch);
    	      printf("Dependencies %s\n", dep[depIndex] );
    	   pch = strtok(NULL, "  ");
    if I use this string:

    Name : John

    the strlen of John will be 5 instead of 4

    If I use this

    Name: John Legend

    the strlen of John will be 4 but Legend will be 7, how do I fix this?

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    Remove the \n from the end of the string before you tokenize, or alternatively, add \n to your list of tokens to break off.

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    Are you by any chance using fgets() to read the input? If so, you may have a '\n' that you can't really see on the back of that string...

       char *p = strrchr(s, '\n');
       if (p) *p = 0;
    will replace the newline with a NUL character and thus shorten the string by one char.

    [And of course, it's not the fault of strtok()]

    [Note: You could, potentially add "\n" to your search string and achieve the same effect - although I would probably just use the first bit of code directly after fgets() to clean up the string generically].

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