Thread: help for my exam. easy question

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    help for my exam. easy question

    what does the question mark mean also what is the exclamation, and the colon.

    int a;
    a =(6>3) ? 3 ! =5 : 9;

    question #2

    Also, i dont understand how this if... else can be the answer can someone explain this to me.
    a=(6>3) ? 3 !=5 : 9;

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    The if-else means the same thing as the ?: ternary operator (I just like typing the word "ternary") -- except the last symbol should be 9.

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    { optional assignment = } conditional_expression ? true_expression : false_expression ;

    If the conditional expression evaluate to true, then the "true_expression" following the question mark is evaluated. Otherwise, the "false_expression" following the colon is evaluated.

    These things can nest and get ugly as well. Perhaps this is an extra credit question on your test: What will answer print as?

    	int answer ; 
    	int a = 6 ; 
    	int b = 8 ; 
    	answer = (b > a) ? a < b ? 0 : 7 : b == a ? 1 : 5;    
    	printf ("answer is &#37;d\n", answer) ;
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    That's a clear abuse of the operator and should be avoided, just to be noted.
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