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    Bubble Sort Query

    Hi All,

    in the below code, the author uses what he labels as a code to re-order the elements of a bubble. Some of my colleagues believe that it is not truly a bubble process. Is this true? They couldn't recall what it is really called, what the author is doing. Anyone know or disagree? Cheers.

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    #define ARSIZE  10
    int main(){
            int ch_arr[ARSIZE],count1;
            int count2, stop, lastchar;
            lastchar = 0;
            stop = 0;
     *          * Read characters into array.
     *                   * Stop if end of line, or array full.
     *                            */
            while(stop != 1){
                    ch_arr[lastchar] = getchar();
                    if(ch_arr[lastchar] == '\n')
                            stop = 1;
                            lastchar = lastchar + 1;
                    if(lastchar == ARSIZE)
                            stop = 1;
            lastchar = lastchar-1;
     *          * Now the traditional bubble sort.
     *                   */
            count1 = 0;
            while(count1 < lastchar){
                    count2 = count1 + 1;
                    while(count2 <= lastchar){
                            if(ch_arr[count1] > ch_arr[count2]){
                                    /* swap */
                                    int temp;
                                    temp = ch_arr[count1];
                                    ch_arr[count1] = ch_arr[count2];
                                    ch_arr[count2] = temp;
                            count2 = count2 + 1;
                    count1 = count1 + 1;
            count1 = 0;
            while(count1 <= lastchar){
                    printf("%c\n", ch_arr[count1]);
                    count1 = count1 + 1;

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    it is bubble sort, just instead of for loops - it uses while loops (I see no real reason why)
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    Quote Originally Posted by vart View Post
    it is bubble sort, just instead of for loops - it uses while loops (I see no real reason why)
    Actually, no it's not.
    If it doesn't always compare adjacent items then it is not Bubble Sort. Since count2 can be more than one greater than count1 in this implementation, it is not Bubble Sort. Because Bubble Sort always compares adjacent items, it is stable. This implementation is not stable.
    Some people call this "Simple Sort".

    These algorithms both appear in my sorting algorithm visualiser that you can download from my site (see my sig). What you have here does not exhibit the tell-tale "bubble" effect during sorting.
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