Thread: Returning file descriptors

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    Returning file descriptors

    I am having trouble returning a file descriptor to main and calling a 2nd function there passing the returned file descriptor as paramater.
    FILE *file_des;
    FILE x; 
    FILE input(char* title){
      file_des = fopen(title, "r");
      return file_des;
    void do_someting (FILE *x){
     int letter;
     while ((letter = fgetc(file_des) != EOF)
         printf ("%c",letter);
    int main (int ac, char *av[]){
       x = input(av[1]);

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    1. Do not use global vars - declare them in the scope where you use them
    x in main
    file_des in input
    2. make them both FILE*
    3. make input return the correct type (FILE*)
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