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    Suming ints

    I am having trouble converting chars into ints:
    char input[100];
    int in, count, i;
    while ((in = fgets(fp) != EOF){
        input[count] = in; 
    int sum;
    for(i=0,i < count; ++i){
      if (isdigit(input[i])){
       printf("&#37;c", input[i]); // this is ok, prints the actual number, if actual num is 1 then 1 is printed
       printf("%d", input[i]); // not ok, if actual num is 1, 49 is printed
       sum = 1 + input[i]  // if actual num is 1, sum should be 2
                                     // but it is 50
       printf("sum %d", sum);
    What is the proper way of doing this ?
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    input[i] - '0' is the proper way.
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