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    void hire(FILE **infile, char lineOfText[], struct employee **firstEmployee)
      struct employee *newEmployee = NULL;
      struct employee *previousEmployee = NULL;
      struct employee *currentEmployee = NULL;
      read(*infile, lineOfText);
      while(lineOfText[ZEROI] != '*')
    	sscanf(lineOfText, "%s%s%d%s",   newEmployee->lastName,
    	printf("%s\n", newEmployee->lastName);
    	if(newEmployee != NULL)
    	  previousEmployee = NULL;
    	  currentEmployee = *firstEmployee;
    	  while((currentEmployee != NULL) && (strcmp(newEmployee->lastName, currentEmployee->lastName) > ZEROI))
    	    previousEmployee = currentEmployee;
    		currentEmployee = currentEmployee->nextEmployee;
    I"m getting a seg fault at the while loop, I have determined that this is due to the currentEmployee. setting currentEmployee = to *firstEmployee though I would think would solve this but I'm not getting anywhere.

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    Are you reading line outside the loop?
    You should check that the read opepration is succeded in the while condition

    sscanf(lineOfText, "%s%s%d%s", newEmployee->lastName
    if(newEmployee != NULL)
    you should check that newEmployee is NULL pointer, before you are trying to fill it
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