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    button delay


    I cant work out how to wirte a program that counts the milliseconds befrore the same button is pressed twice, i.e if you press "3" then wait for a length of time then press "3" again, how long was the gap in milliseconds.

    anyone got any ideas?


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    There are two problems you have to solve here.

    First, you need to be able to get keypresses without having to hit enter. See this FAQ:
    Basically, with Dev-C++, you can use getche() if you include <ctype.h>. But be aware that this is an unportable function.

    Then you need to be able to record time. The easiest way to do this is to use clock() or time() from <time.h>. But those functions are rarely precise to the millisecond. For better (millisecond) precision, you again must use a non-standard function. I forget what the function is for Windows, try searching around.
    [edit] Maybe it was GetTickCount(). [/edit]
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