Thread: newbie: array question :(

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    Cool newbie: array question :(

    sup guys its me the newbie c student again! hope u guys didnt get tired by my whole lots of newbie questions well.. i have another doubt to be cleared.. here's it:

    lets say we have 2 strings:
    char a[] = {'h','e','l','l','o','\0'};
    char b[10] = "hello"
    is b[5] == a[5]?

    from what i know, b[5] is = \0, therefore, i deduced that b[5] == a[5] is true. what if i compare b[6] == a[5] ?? am i correct?

    Thanks for all the answers, im learning alot of stuff here

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    is b[5] == a[5]?
    Yes, but you could have checked that yourself with a test program.

    what if i compare b[6] == a[5] ??
    b[6] should also be '\0'.
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    b[6] should also contain zero, so yes, b[6] and a[5] are identical in this case.

    Of course, if you do:
    char a[] = {'h','e','l','l','o','\0'};
    char b[10];
    strcpy(b, a);
    then b[6] is undefined - it may happen to be zero, but it's just as likely to be some other value between -128 and 127 (or 0..255 if char happens to be unsigned in your compiler).

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