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    Running Parameters

    Hey, I am pretty new to C and I am reading from books/websites but i wanted to take a break and learn how to pass/run parameters...

    Example: test.exe -parameter

    I want to have it read the parameter and set it as a handle to use later .

    So I'd like to know...

    -- How to grab a parameter and then use it in the C program.
    -- How to convert it to a HWND type if it isn't already :P.


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    I have no idea how you make something into a HWND - as a handle to a window, I believe (but I could be wrong), is per process, it wouldn't make much sense to pass one along from somewhere else.

    But the FAQ describes how you get command line arguments into your program:

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    Well basically i already got a program to grab a handle... But the program isn't able to send keys very well and PostMessage works great...

    So... I want to have my main proggy run the C prog .exe and have the handle in the parameter...

    Understand? ><.

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