Thread: Including -lm as default for compilling in ajunta

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    Including -lm as default for compilling in ajunta

    I use ajunta as an IDE,in order not to have to manually type the commands in the terminal to compile and execute the programs,so I can do it in lss than 5 seconds just pressing F11 + F3 .

    The problem is that I noticed gcc has a problem with the math library(not the header),so when you use functions like pow(),if you don't include the -lm as an argument for compilation,it won't compile,returning "undefined reference to pow".

    How can I add -lm as a default argument for compilation in ajunta,in order to still be able to compile/run it fast?Or if someone knows any other way to make the compilation work that doesn't need to add -lm.


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    Should be there in Tools->Compiler options or something similar. I haven't worked with ajunta, but on devcpp you can specify commandline parameters to the program and arguments to the compiler and linker by specifying them under tools->compiler options.
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    Well,just figured out.In ajunta just go to Definitions > Commands ; Then in Specific Language Commands just add the arguments ( -lm, in the case) , to the Compile and/or Compile a File fields.Finally now pow works without any problem here in linux.
    Thanks PING for the advice.

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