Thread: Unions : invalid types

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    Unions : invalid types

    Getting this error:
    error: field ‘circle’ has incomplete type

    I get this error for all the shapes in my union; the code is as follows:
    typedef struct circle {
            /* add the missing fields */
    	float x, y;
    	long radius;
    } CIRCLE;
    struct geomObj {
             union {
                     struct CIRCLE circle;
                     struct SQUARE square;
                     struct RECTANGLE rect;
                     struct TRIANGLE tri;
             int id;
             short type;
    All my other structures are defined similar to CIRCLE, just with different variables and names. Just wondering what I'm doing wrong

    Thanks in advance,

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    When you use typedef when defining a struct, as you did, it will suffice only to say:

    CIRCLE aCircle;
    While it gives you an error if you do

    struct CIRCLE aCircle;
    As it's already typedefined.

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    Thanks very much.

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