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    Strange Output

    #define blockSize 16
    #define blockSide 4
    int bType[28] = {6,10,14,15,10,11,14,15,7,11,14,15,10,13,14,15,9,10,14,15,10,11,13,14,3,7,11,15};
    int main() {
        int *tBlock,type = 0,i;
        tBlock = (int*) calloc(blockSize,sizeof(int));
        for(i=0;i<blockSize;++i) tBlock[i] = 0;
        for(i=(blockSide*type);i<blockSide*(type+1);++i) tBlock[bType[i]] = type;
        for(i=0;i<blockSize;++i) printf("&#37;d ",tBlock[i]);
        return 0;
    This code is a piece of a tetris game and it should set for each type of block, the corresponding value at the right index.
    Th problem comes when I set type = 0, then the output will be all zeros.
    This is very strange because the other numbers from 1 to 6 will give the right values.

    Why is this happening? I can't seem to find any error...
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    I set type = 0, then the output will be all zeros
    tBlock[bType[i]] = type;
    And what do you expect it to be assigning zeroes?
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    Oh silly me... That's the problem...
    Thanks for your help...

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