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    Modular design help

    My question has been answered.

    Thankyou so much for the help, i now understand the error of my ways =)
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    void GetOptions(char)	
            char letter;
    	scanf("%c%*c", &letter);
    A void return type means that you tell the compiler "this function returns nothing", yet you have a return(letter) at the end of the function.

    float l1, l2, l3;
                                                                                                                                                Line 79 error 6
    	printf("Enter the length of side A");
    	scanf("%f%*c", &l1);                                                                                                   line 82 error 7
    	printf("/nEnter the length of side B");
    	scanf("%f%*c", &l2);
    	printf("Enter the length of side C");
    	scanf("%f%*c", &l3);
    	return(char letter);
    You are using old-style declaration of arguments - but i think you meant to declare l1, l2 and l3 as local variables - which leads to the question of how you wish to get the answers out of the function. Perhaps you want to pass a set of pointers to float to the function, and fill those in...

    "return (char letter)" is definitely very wrong. If we assume that it was compilable, then it would mean "create a variable of type char called letter, then return it" - without giving it any value, so it would return rubbish.

    The function getquestions() hasn't been declared before DoOption, so it complains about that too.

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    > My question has been answered.
    Please don't edit your post down to nothing after you've got an answer. It makes the thread useless to anyone who reads it in future.
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