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    Turbo C programming - integers in C

    How can I make the int in C limitless, meaning for example I can multiply 2 integers in billions and still get the correct integer answer. Please help asap...thanks.

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    As far as I know that's not possible, but you can use a long integer type (i.e. long num; instead of
    int num;) to give you more room to play with.


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    but our programming professor said that it is possible and even gave it to us as our project due this feb.15. The specs are we should be able to write a multiplication program that can always produce the result even if the given inputs or the result goes beyond the range of int and long int.

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    mmmmm......does your professor mean it's possible to store numbers in a character array and then multiply them together bit by bit and group them together again?

    a bit abstract....

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    I was just thinking that I would create a structure and use link lists to connect the values. Is it possible this way? Does anyone have a source code for this so that I can pattern from it. If there is pls. email it to me ---> thanks.

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