Thread: indirection op attached to declaration

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    indirection op attached to declaration

    I've been given some source code, and there's a structure called Datastruc, which a certain function has in its argument like so Somefunc( Datastruc* A).

    In other words, the * indirection op is not attached to the variable, but rather to the declaration, Datastruc. Is there really a difference? How can I call this function when I have already declared a variable Datastruc *A?

    Thanks in advance for help.

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    There is no difference.
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    You can have any number of spaces [any whitespace, in fact] on either side of the *, zero or more, so these are all the same:
    char *a;
    char* a;
    char * a;
    char *    // newline counts as a whitespace.
    Some people seem to prever to put the star next to the type, others prefer the star next to the variable name - it's a little bit misleading, in my opinion, to put it next to the type, since that can lead to someone else reading the code thinking that this declares two pointers:
    int* aptr, notaptr;
    notaptr is of type int, not int*.

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